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I have three weblogs. I began *this* weblog as a repository for all my links to hundreds of very Amazing and Interesting weblogs and journals, that I have found, over the last year. Short reviews of each link. Come look at what I have found!!


"my life after near death experiences". I have experienced many Visions of the Afterlife, Spirit worlds, over the years.
This weblog is about how I deal with the material world after having these experiences!


some of my afterlife visions are written up for you to read, at...

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PLEASE GO HERE at yahoogroups

I have all my written-up Dreams, where Guides and Angels take me to experience places in the afterlife realms, at HERE at yahoogroups
You can go there and read many interesting things, that I saw and experienced, of Soul and Spirit and prophecy, in the folders in the "files" section, and then perhaps subscribe to this mailing list. I update my files about one to five times per month: get my new writings in your mailbox!


[1] My Dreams and obe-Visits to Heaven and hell.

[2]WORLD TRADE CENTER....other people's visions and channelings, about the "how" and the "why", of this event.

[2B] my writings about AUTISM and what it is like for me to be "autistic".

[3] my alien abduction experiences: I was taken to see some of the scenes of alien worlds and even had the UFO implant experience!

[4] MY OWN visions of the endtimes and Earthchanges! I too have a "map of the usa", after the Changes!

[5a] EARTHCHANGE VISIONS FROM OTHER PEOPLE... earthchange visions that i have on file from other people, channeled or envisioned!

[5] my writings upon my observations about life. [6] my and other people's writings and visions about the Quake/tidal wave dec. 26th.

I have also another weblog deepinpaper Near the back of the newspaper are articles that often tell the REAL news! The Good Stuff is often not on page 1. Or even on page 2! Often it is found on page 20, or on a Mural. Or in a random book left on a library table. Even in a "top 40 songhit"! Perhaps in a religious Tract: but not in its *overt* messege! Even in your dreams!

This is my photosite, where I have all of my pictures kept, with my canon a200 powershot!

Please put your homepage, or favorite URL, in
the "view links" bar, below, so that
I can come to see your homepage!
Click on the "view links bar" to ADD YOUR LINKS!

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Thursday, November 20, 2003

About Zarfhome

Zarfhome is my web site. Zarfhome is about what I do.

Zarfhome is not a "blog", or web-log. A web-log is a personal collection of links to other web sites. Zarfhome has some links to other web sites, but they are footnotes -- "see also" links. Zarfhome is about the material I put up on Zarfhome.

Zarfhome is not a diary. I don't update it every day. I don't sit down and create material solely because Zarfhome needs something new.

Zarfhome is about what I do, and some of what I do is commercial.

I do a lot. If you wander this site, you'll see that. I have things that are art, things that are games, things that are programs, things that are tools. I think some of these things are pretty cool.

I want you to see my cool things, sure. But I want more. I want everyone to do more cool things; I want more cool things, more than I can produce, more than any one person could produce.

So I work in daylight.

Zarfhome is about what I do, and Zarfhome is about how I do it. Many of these pages include not just final results, but long stories of how I got there. Early drafts, perhaps. (I wish I had more early drafts.) The tools I used to get my results. Projects that never had finished results. Projects that never came out the way I wanted them to.

Everyone does things. I want to show, by example, how they're cool things. Even the half-baked ideas, the abandoned ideas, the ideas that were superseded by better ideas. Even the ideas that you don't get a 9-to-5 paycheck to build and bury.

The Internet is not, not, not made of corporate Producers and passive Consumers. You may not be a professional web designer, but you still design web pages. You may not be a professional artist, but you still draw. You may not be a reporter or paid columnist, but you still write the truth that you see.

(Or, indeed, you may be a professional designer or artist or writer. You, even more so, can show that you do not work in a vacuum. I am a professional programmer; Zarfhome has many of my wild programs, my useless programs, my toys. I am not a professional artist or writer, and Zarfhome has many of my wild artistic and written ideas anyway.)

Maybe you can use one of my tools. Maybe one of my ideas will remind you of something. Maybe, if nothing else, I can demonstrate that your silly ideas are no sillier than my silly ideas -- and that they're still worth putting on the web.

Our context, our culture, the fertile ground of ideas that we stand on, is everything we do. Ten years ago I couldn't share that. Today I can.
Can I leave now?

Yes. The lecture is over.

his site map page......
Zarf's Redundant Site Map
This is an overview of my web pages. It's a somewhat crude attempt to represent a directed graph with a single nested list. (You can also look at a visual representation of this graph.)

I've organized my site into nodes, and each page is listed under the node which it is related to. Some pages are related to several things, and so they are listed several times. (That's why it's a redundant map.) Some nodes are related to other nodes, and so entire sections are listed under other sections -- sometimes redundantly. Each item which occurs more than once has a small arrow by it: [->] You can use these arrows to cycle through that item's listings in the index.



incredible, sports fans!!
I stumbled onto this site, by looking up reviews for the game URU: AGES BEYOND MYST!
One could spend days and days here! A very very creative person!
sites like of this, makes me very happy that the internet EXISTS!!

posted by freestone wilson at 8:41 AM


Monday, November 17, 2003

"Musings on the meaning of life"

a sample......
When the cruise ship Aurora was launched three years ago, the champagne bottle failed to break on its hull - considered a bad omen. Subsequently it broke down in its maiden voyage and recently on a cruise a stomach bug hit many of its passengers. So what is the relevance of the omen and why should a bottle failing to break cause repercussions down the track?

Well, to answer the second question first, the bottle failing to break does not cause subsequent events. I mentioned previously about what I called 'torms', four-dimensional time-forms. These torms trace a pattern when they travel through three-dimensional space. Imagine a still lake and an object, say a cube, that moves from under the surface to above the surface. If the cube moves with one of its flat sides first then from the surface you will suddenly see the cube emerge, it will continue to move out for a while then suddenly stop when the cube is fully emerged. Alternatively, if the cube emerges with a corner first, then you will see a pyramid emerge which will get bigger and bigger until it reaches a maximum end then it will get smaller and smaller until it reaches a point and disappears.

Similarly, when a torm comes through three-dimensional space it traces a pattern that depends on the shape of the torm and its placement as it moves through the three-dimensional universe. The result of this is that certain torms will have the effect of causing a precursor, an event that precedes further catastrophic events. Alternatively, the 'precursor' may occur after the main event or simultaneously to it. This is what causes omens and if you learn to interpret the signs it can serve you well in guiding you through the maze of life.

very good!
I will bookmark this one!!

posted by freestone wilson at 9:13 AM


Thursday, November 13, 2003

Home of Unicorn-Lynx
Random thoughts by Unicorn-Lynx, also known as Oleg Roschin

Moscow and Ukraine
Boy, I just came back from one hell of a trip. Our band had some concerts in Moscow and in Ukraine (Kharkov and Poltava, to be exact). Moscow is an absolutely insane city. With over 10 millions inhabitants, it is huge, overcrowded, and knows no limits. Cars don't follow any particular rule of street behavior. Old Soviet cars co-exist with brand new Mercedeses, and both don't care for each other or anyone else. Night life flourishes. Casinos, night clubs, discos, dubious bars, and shops, shops, shops everywhere - Moscow the great merchant, as it was always known. Churches glow with mysterious gold under the sun of the same color - the golden Moscow, the incarnation of Russian spirit. Beijing seems like a little baby compared to this monster.

he has 87 computer and video game review on www.
the masterlist site of computer and video games!

I feel, myself, that each and every one, of his 87-odd games reviewed, should also be in my collection too, as i can tell that this old soul has much Feeling for Reality called "our life on earth"!
[go to and click on "more searches", in the search side-bar at the left. on that page, click on the "mobyusers" and do a search for "Unicorn-Lynx". on that page, at the bottom, is his several game lists.

posted by freestone wilson at 10:34 AM


Tuesday, November 04, 2003

"Journey to Enlightenment"


Tuesday, November 04, 2003

"Of Things To Come"

Over 20 years ago something happened which turned my world upside down.
I call it "My Event."
Hitherto and since, my mundane life has been supported on a Spiritual level by continuing Supernormal experience.

These occurrances moved me forward in stages of enlightenment, finally leading to the Event. From that day forward I was blessed and cursed with a rounded Understanding of how the physical world seamlessly interacts and interchanges with levels of reality way beyond our physical world.

I was blessed to have been awakened to my full memory of the physics and life processes involved.
I was cursed in the fact that I am now aware of my own inevitable continuing role in the game.

Out of all of this a book has been channelled.

"Down To Earth (the way it is)"

posted by freestone wilson at 8:46 AM



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